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1908 Roadster ex Frank Deemer

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2004 RM Meadow Brook auction  $407,000
Hemmings Motor News, July 2012
2014 Bonhams Simeone auction  $1,430,000
2020 Bonhams Amelia Island auction
Period images

F C Deemer, of Brookville, PA, bought this car new.  In a fairly short time it became heavily damaged.
He kept the remains, and when Walter Seeley discovered all of Deemer's cars in 1961,
    he was able to use F C's replacement roadster, complete and unaltered, for patterns to rebuild this car.

F C's sons Frank and Alex each received a restored roadster.  They were shown together when the project was completed, at Hershey in 1968. 
Image source Antique Automobile, 1969 Vol 33 No 2.

By the time of the 2004 auction, it looked much as it did when originally restored.  Image source RM Sothebys

When I saw the car at the 2013 Auburn Heights Invitational, Seeley's restoration, by then an artifact in itself, was showing age and patina.

By the time of the 2020 auction, a cosmetic refreshing, and black tires, made this one of the most enticing brass cars in existence.
Image source Bonhams

image source Bonhams