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1914 Type 644 Touring ex Sam Arnholz

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2000 Christies Browning Estate auction  $105,000
2015 Bonhams Scottsdale auction  $528,000
Period images

This car carries the angled-louver hood seen in period photos of Types 642 and 646.

Sam Arnholz of Wichita, KS, bought this car from its original Colorado owner around 1953.

By 1959 it was restored and running on a tour in Colorado.   Image source Horseless Carriage Gazette, 1959 Vol 21 No 5

In 1978 it was sold at the September Harrah auction to Matt Browning.  Image source Horseless Carriage Gazette, 1978 Vol 30 No 5
It was white with green wheels, probably still wearing the '50s Arnholz restoration.

Browning had it restored again, and at his estate auction in 2000, it looked like this.  Image source Christie's

In 2015 it was again sold at auction.  Image source ConceptCarz