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Period Images - 1912 Type 22 Scout
1913 Type 22A

The Scout was advertised as early as Aug 27, 1911.
A fully-rendered image, possibly from a photograph, appeared in print on Oct. 8, 1911.
Newspapers reported that -
      The first chassis was completed Oct 25, 1911.
      The first completed car was displayed in the local Indianapolis dealer's showroom the week of Nov 20, 1911.
1912 Scouts had a 102" wheelbase and oil sidelights mounted on the seats.
Successor Type 22A, with 105" wheelbase, was advertised as early as Mar 24, 1912.  Its first deliveries were on Jun 17, 1912.

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1912 Advance Catalogue

1912 catalog

1912 catalog

image source eBay seller
1912 or '13 Ohio license plate
image source eBay seller

Honolulu Advertiser, Apr 7, 1912

image source AACA Library
L. A. Harding, Nob Hill Garage president
Mrs. M. Beakey

Portland Oregon Daily Journal, Feb. 4, 1912

Existing cars
      Scout ex Ross