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Period Images - 1912 Type 56 Traveler (6 passenger)
1913 Type 56A

This is the first year for this model, the most dramatic of all Underslungs.
Its wheelbase was a full 16" longer than the Type 54, making room for jump seats and a full rear door.
The 1912 American line was initially advertised without model numbers.
Early advertising for this model called it "Traveler Special,"
      presumably to distinguish it from the 4-passenger car, still in the line,
      that had historically been labeled "Traveler."
This use of the word "Special" seems to be unrelated to its use in 1910 and 1911
      to denote cars with the 60hp F-head engine.
The catalog pictures show inset cowl lights, but many period photos show the external conical lights of 1911.
The Brief Advance Booklet image is clearly the one that appeared in  Aug 1911,
      edited to show the inset cowl lights.

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1912 Brief Advance Booklet

1912 catalog
Inset cowl lights            Larimer, ND

Alan Woolf Collection
This image appeared in an ad in the San Francisco Chronicle, Aug 13, 1911.
Note the external cowl lights.

Alan Woolf Collection

image source eBay seller

An extraordinarily detailed photo

Vintage Photo Junkie

Vintage Photo Junkie

Vintage Photo Junkie