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1913 Type 56A
Period Images - 1914 Type 666
1914 Type 646

6 - 6-cylinder
6 - large engine
- 6-passenger

666 was advertised as early as Feb 1913, and was announced in March.
It was the only model made with the largest American 6-cylinder engine.
It is no longer mentioned in advertisements after Oct 1913.
The 646 appears to have essentially replaced it as the 6-passenger car in the line,
      being announced at the end of August in 1913.
Note the very small inset cowl lights, vs. the sidelights in the windshield support on other 1914 models.

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1914 Six brochure

Honolulu Advertiser, Feb 2, 1913
American Vice President D S Menasco

San Francisco Examiner, Mar 2, 1913
NY Auto show - Pale green with gold striping
Horseless Age, Jan 15, 1913

Existing cars
      Type 666