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Here are some of my favorite books...

These first three I absolutely devoured, over and over again, as a teenager.
All were purchased from Clymer while still in business.
They appear regularly on eBay now.

This book, and Woodbury's other delightful piece, John Goffe's Mill,
have actually had a noticeable influence on my life.

Modern   Scrapbook
I understand that the Derr reprint doesn't have the exact text of the original book.

Published in 1971, this book is a tremendous amount of fun and a great look into the
"first-generation collector" era - unfortunately it's no longer in print.

Much more technical information than I can digest, but it's a must - it's the Doble.
An updated version is available at the publisher, whose website I've seen but can't locate presently.
The updated version is available here!
Best we can do until James Crank's book becomes available.

The last word.  Worth every penny and it will keep you engrossed for hours.
Available at The Stanley Museum.