Stanley Register Online - Early Tours and Meets Home Last update:

Tours are an integral part of  the Stanley operator's life.  They provide an unmatched opportunity to share
experience, learn, help others, and simply enjoy the pleasures of driving a steam car over the road.

The early tours were an important bridge, moving participation in the hobby from the early isolated aficionados to
a wider group.  Here are some records and photographs of those early gatherings,

1948, July 18-18, Charlemont, MA

1949, Aug 13-14, Yorklyn, DE

1951, July, Wellesley, MA

1955, June 9-12, Lakeville, CT

1956, Sept 14-16, Schwenksville, PA

1957, Aug 16-18, Kent, OH

1958, June 20-22, Lake Forest, IL

1961, Provincetown, MA