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Period Images - 1912 Type 34
1913 Type 34A

This was the first year for the mid-sized car.
Early 1912 advertising did not use model numbers, and this car was called the "Thirty".
As early as July 1911, American engineer Charles Boyden was driving a "Thirty" in the Indiana Auto Mfr's Assoc. Four States Tour.
Apart from the shorter wheelbase, Type 34 can be distinguished from Type 54 by its 5-bolt front hubs.

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1912 Brief Advance Booklet

10-bolt front wheels
8-lug rims
4-bow top
Front door curved to cowl
Larger cutout in rear door
Lower body rise above rear fender

Free Library of Philadelphia

This mysterious photo was taken Jan. 11, 1911, in Indianapolis, near the monument that the American company liked to use as a backdrop for their factory photos.  The deeply-fluted hood is unique, but it shares many features with the Brief Advance Booklet image to the left.  It is labeled with the names of engineer Charles E. Boyden and factory superintendent Stanley Whitworth.  Was it the prototype for the newly-developed 30hp car?

1912 final catalog

5-bolt front wheels
5-lug rims
5-bow top
Square front door
Smaller cutout in rear door
Higher body rise above rear fender

All factory & period photos match this image.

Alan Woolf Collection

Alan Woolf Collection

Alan Woolf Collection

Alan Woolf Collection
1911 NY license plate
Alan Woolf Collection

Alan Woolf Collection

Alan Woolf Collection
Boston dealership, April 5, 1912

Historic New England

National Institute of Anthropology and History
Shorty Smith at the Bellows Falls Street Fair

Rockingham Free Public Library

Rockingham Free Public Library

Alan Woolf Collection
dated 1913
Alan Woolf Collection

This photo and the one to the left were purchased from the same collection.
Miami, FL, Feb. 1913
Alan Woolf Collection

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